La Curiosa

Would you like to listen to images? Do you want to see music? When La Curiosa listens to colors and shapes, objects come alive and dance to the rhythm of incredible melodies and sounds. Are you getting curious yet?


But… what is La Curiosa?

La Curiosa (The Curious One) offers a space to listen with your eyes and see with your ears. A maze to experiment with shapes, colors, sounds, textures, melodies, materials. We work by observing, listening and moving objects. We try to create audio and visual experiences where both disciplines, music and visual arts, unite to give life to a unique hybrid language.


The result of this process, which is what the audience finally experiences, is a synthesis of our exploration, selected and taken to the stage from a playful and conscious narrative.


We want to awaken your curiosity. We want our audiences to experiment, create, play, imagine.

Who is La Curiosa?

Alba Marina and Claudia. Marina and Claudia met in 2016 and gradually discovered that they share an interest in creativity, experimentation and education. They are convinced that artistic disciplines should share the same space, because they enrich one another. In 2019, they create La Curiosa, a company that seeks answers to the questions asked each day by these curious creators.


Alba Marina Rivera
Alba is an illustrator. Her books travel to lots of different places in the world. She likes designing visual arts expression workshops for families. Whenever she can she paints, draws or scribbles, alone or with another curious person.


Claudia Gómez
Claudia plays, creates and teaches music. Her instrument is the piano. Since she’s curious, she likes searching for new sounds hidden in toys, objects and other musical instruments. She especially has fun when different kinds of art play together and find a common language. Her expression is this search.

Family show

¿Do you want to know more about MUUUUN?

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MUUUUN is a show for the whole family. A unique journey born out of the abstract that, little by little, reveals a new planet where a different language is spoken.


MUUUUN It’s a show that has its roots in play, exploration and the search for a common language that does not include words. Visual and musical expression interact in an intimate space. The movement of one of these inspires sound; the musicality of the other gives us the gift of colors and shapes.

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Family workshop show

¿Do you want to know more about the Museum of Musical Paintings?

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How would you draw different kinds of sounds? How would you transform what you hear into pictures? A musical painting is what happens when you turn visual inspiration into a sound. Sounds inspire us to create textures. Colors and shapes inspire us to compose melodies…


Museum of Musical Paintings is a performance-workshop for the whole family where together we can explore the qualities of sound through the expression of visual arts.

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Pròxims esdeveniments​

14/11/2021, Sona la llum!, Centre Civic Can Felipa, BCN, 10.30 i 11.30

20/11/2021, MUUUUN, Festival El més petit de tots, Teatre La Patronal, Sant Quirze del Vallès, 11:00h i 18:00h

10/12/2021, Sona la llum!, L’Autèntica, BCN, 17.00

11/12/2021, Sona la llum!, L’Autèntica, BCN, 11.00 i 12.30

12/12/2021, Sona la llum!, L’Autèntica, BCN, 11.00 i 12.30

28/12/2021, MUUUUN, Museu d’Història de Catalunya, BCN, 17.00


24/10/2021, MUUUUN, Teatre Auditori de Cardedeu, 17.00h

18/06/2021, MUUUUN, La Puntual (c/Allada Vermell 15, BCN), 18.00h

19/06/2021, MUUUUN, La Puntual, BCN, 12.00 i 18.00

20/06/2021, MUUUUN, La Puntual, BCN, 12.00 i 17.00

15/05/2021, Sona La Llum, C. C. Can Verdaguer, BCN, 17:30

11/05/2021, MUUUUN, C.C. Besós, BCN, 17:30

07/05/2021, MUUUUN, FIM Vilaseca, Vilaseca, 10:00 i 11:30

30/04/2021, Sona la Llum, C.C.Can Castelló, BCN, 17:45 i 18:30

25/04/2021, MUUUUN, Teatre del Centre, Manlleu, 18.00

21/03/2021, MUUUUN, Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris, BCN, 12.30

14/03/2021, MUUUUN, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, BCN (11.00 i 12.30)

12/12/2020, MUUUUN, Centre Cívic Casa Orlandai, BCN

18/10/2020, MUUUUN, ESTRENO EN SALA, Auditori Cardedeu

23/12/2019, MUUUUN, Centre Cívic Girona

25/01/2020 Museo de cuadros sonoros, Centre Cívic Sant Andreu, BCN

28/02/2020 Museo de Cuadros Sonoros, Centre Cívic Bon Pastor, BCN

27/03/2020 Museo de Cuadros Sonoros, Biblioteca de Vilobí D’onyar, Girona, APLAZADO

28/03/2020 Museo de Cuadros Sonoros, Centre Cívic Casa Orlandai, BCN, APLAZADO

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La Curiosa